Coaching for highly sensitive persons

For people with a higher level of sensory processing sensitivity (also called HSP, for “Highly Sensitive Person”), everyday life often turns into an emotional roller coaster ride. From the perspective of excessive demands, it is difficult to imagine that the associated characteristics can also bring advantages. But if you manage to understand yourself and your surroundings better, an unfavorable starting point can quickly become an optimized one.

We are all equipped with an inner compass and highly sensitive people in particular have a strong need to follow it. However, in a world full of noise, hectic pace, numerous impulses and value systems, we are constantly distracted and sometimes lose touch with our essence. For me, HSP coaching is primarily about restoring exactly this connection.

The aim is to understand, recognize and allow high sensitivity to work in a positive way in your own setting. With a colorfully filled method kit, I will show you how you can accept your highly sensitive characteristics as a true strength in order to live confidently and freely according to your ideas. With a systemic view and targeted questions, we guide you to your very personal answer. We explore your uniqueness and design strategies for a fulfilled life in balance.

Together we train the following skills, among others


Recognize emotions

Even if it doesn’t seem so at first glance, the correct interpretation of physical signals is the most demanding task for many HSPs. In order to strengthen this, we train methods of introspection.

Understand emotions

In order to decode the messages of the feelings, it helps to identify triggers and connected needs. For example, a colleague’s unfriendly comment doesn’t have the same effect on everyone.

Express emotions

A lot of energy is often expended to hide feelings from others. However, this misses a great opportunity. Sharing feelings and experiences can be a very connecting element in interpersonal relationships and thereby release positive energies. Here we are mainly concerned with finding the right words – for yourself – the other person – in an appropriate form – at the right time.

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Regulate emotions

One of the tools to make it easier to deal with intense feelings is to reassess the situation. Switching to an outside perspective can help here. Visualization and meditation techniques also increase the level of mindfulness. The associated goals: to meet feelings and needs without judgment, as well as to strengthen self-efficacy and confidence in one’s own abilities.

Use emotions

We don’t have to promote this competence in a targeted manner. Thankfully, it develops as soon as positive everyday experiences occur through the methods learned. Over time, high sensitivity can grow into a personal strength and be of great use in decision-making and relationship processes, for example.

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I will accompany you with understanding and at eye level with process support tailored to your needs. Come into your power, unleash your potential and learn to use your gift to meet the challenges of life with a natural attitude and authentic strength.