All details at a glance

If you have general questions about coaching, you will find some answers here. Otherwise, please send me an email via the contact button and I will get back to you shortly to clarify further details.

At the very beginning, you get to know each other without obligation in a free initial consultation and check whether you can and want to work together. There is room for questions and background here. The request can also be roughly formulated. Usually the first appointment is made immediately or shortly afterwards and you can start.

Coaching is suitable for dealing with problems, questions and topics in a protected environment with professional help. The coach asks questions, provides impulses, helps with structuring and sorting and is a companion on the way to an individually developed goal formulation. However, no ready-made solutions are presented. The willingness of the clients to deal with themselves is therefore an important prerequisite for the personal knowledge process in coaching.

The duration of a completed coaching process varies. On average, my clients book three to seven 90-minute sessions over a period of two to five months for the entire process, depending on the topic and needs. If the personal time frame does not allow otherwise, the coaching can alternatively take place in 60-minute sessions. Here you will find an overview of my current offers and prices.

In order to let the insights take effect in a reasonable period of time, I recommend a break of 8-12 days between sessions. But in the end it’s your personal decision, depending on your individual situation.

For face-to-face sessions, I usually meet my clients in a beautiful and quiet coaching practice in Berlin Friedenau (Rheinstraße 14). It is very easy and quick to reach by public transport, between Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz and Walther-Schreiber-Platz (U9). If you take the S1 from S-Friedenau , it’s also only a few minutes walk.
You are welcome to suggest different options. And if the situation is not otherwise, or you prefer an online dialogue, the sessions can also take place virtually. I have had very good experiences with this.

You can think broadly and get creative when choosing the challenge to discuss. My personal focus topic is dealing with high sensitivity. But I also look forward to all other areas of life. Here you have a small overview: personality development, decision-making, career choice, resilience building, reorientation, conflict resolution, fears, stress management, relationship processes, empowerment, role change, career opportunities, process support, new beginnings, resource strengthening, work-life balance

The coaching process is based on voluntariness, openness, professional neutrality and mutual respect at eye level. The shared content is subject to confidentiality and remains in a protected space. Coaching can offer support and support for many of the challenges of everyday life, but in no way replaces classic therapy work or medical diagnostics. My offer is therefore aimed exclusively at mentally stable people who have an appropriate level of self-efficacy.

If you have received an „Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein“ (AVGS) from the Agentur für Arbeit or the Jobcenter, you can redeem it with me and have your coaching sessions financed this way.

It is now becoming increasingly common for companies and employers to recognize the benefits of coaching offers for their employees (e.g. as part of personnel development) and are prepared to finance a certain quota. Talk to your superiors about it! They will certainly welcome your initiative and openness to develop yourself further.

In a private context, clients usually pay themselves. The total price of the coaching varies depending on the situation and needs. As a rough guide: most of my clients book between 4 and 7 sessions with me, which means the total cost is on average around 550 Euro, but that also depends on whether the sessions take place in person or virtually.

In many cases, coaching costs can be deducted from taxes.

Here you will find an overview of my current offers and prices. Please feel free to contact me if you are unsure what might be right for you or if you are interested in a different financing concept.

Absolutely. The relationship between client and coach is based on trust. All content discussed in the coaching does not leave the protected framework of the coaching. Only through this guarantee is open dialogue and the resulting process possible.

On the following page I offer you a free self-test: HSP-Check
Here you have the opportunity to check whether you belong to the spectrum of highly sensitive people (HSP).

IMPORTANT! High sensitivity is not a diagnosis. This term describes a collection of certain character traits that can sometimes have a negative but often also positive impact on your life.

If you would like to learn more about the phenomenon, book a free initial consultation here. I would be happy to give you a brief insight into the topic and show you how coaching teaches you to deal better with recurring challenges.

It is a dialogic format in which aspects of individual lifestyles in the professional and private sphere are examined and questioned using a variety of methods. The coachee is supported by the elaboration and visualization of unconscious courses of action and routines in solving problems, achieving personal goals independently and strengthening one’s own skills.

Every coaching process is of course influenced by the individual style of the coach. With me you will experience a professional but also creative dialogue, carried by a friendly atmosphere at eye level. Your process will be accompanied by both understanding and benevolence and contains enough freedom for flowing individual topics. I am empathetic but also honestly direct and have a patient open ear. A pinch of Nordic charm might shine through here and there. In terms of content, I focus primarily on dealing with the topic of high sensitivity. But I am also happy to help in other areas of private or professional everyday life.

Yes, you can view and download my coaching contract here. All modalities between coach and coachee are listed there. It will be handed over after the preliminary talk and confirmed by email before the first session.